25 March, 2016

The Serbs: It’s Only Genocide When White Nationalists Do It

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So, NATO bombing the crap out of the Serbs – including civilians – in 1999, and stealing their historic homeland of Kosovo (which used to be Old Serbia), isn’t genocide? Of course it is. Is anyone at NATO going to face criminal charges? Besides, who started the ethnic hostilities between the Serbs and the part-Turkish, Muslim Albanians? There have been many cases of genocide over the years (e.g., Rwanda in 1994), but “strangely,” only Whites are charged with genocide [1]. Furthermore, the number of people actually killed by the Serbs is grossly exaggerated. Also, international courts are illegitimate, since all countries have natural sovereignty (i.e., Karadzic would have to be charged in Serbia or in Bosnia/Herzegovina, not in the Netherlands). (The globalists tried this same type of “international law/global crimes against humanity” bullshit with Chilean leader Pinochet, but poor health saved him from a prison cell).


[1] to my knowledge, no negroes have ever been charged or jailed regarding the Rwanda genocide

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