9 March, 2016

Trump-As-the-New-Hitler: Jews In a Panic As a Trump Presidency Looks More Likely

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A reporter wondered aloud if the Republicans would destroy their own party over Donald Trump. Who would destroy the Republican Party to prevent Trump from winning the presidency? Jews would! They’re not rational people. They’re emotional people who freak out whenever their “enemies” might win. (When Trump wins the Florida primary election on March 15, watch the Jews go into full panic mode).


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  7. 4 Responses to “Trump-As-the-New-Hitler: Jews In a Panic As a Trump Presidency Looks More Likely”

    1. Tpot Says:

      The NeoCohenservative era is ending. Cameron and Merkel are going down, Trump is rising. Is a big shift that has been made possible by the free speech platform offered by the internet. Taboos are broken everyday about what you can and can’t talk about in polite society. Joos are the last taboo.

    2. TheZOG Says:

      Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal
      [Hey, I don’t have a lot of faith in that “Trump’s cabal” list. Corey Lewandowski is a Jew? He went to Catholic high school, and he doesn’t look Jewish either. Let’s do better research, ok?, and also, why single out Trump’s “cabal”? — Socrates]

    3. TheZOG Says:

      Yeah, okay, Socrates. Just keep on ignoring the mountain of evidence that proves Donald Trump is the precise opposite of what you and Alex Linder claim he is:


    4. vinz Says:

      Even Israel has decided that the neocohens are a literal suicide cult at this point. http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Twilight-of-American-Jewry-467862

      Just as Hillary was so fucking shite she lost the fucking Fourth International and Black Panthers to Trump, the neocohens have lost the respect of all their comrades too.