29 April, 2016

White Art

Posted by Socrates in art, French Revolution, Socrates, White art/architecture at 5:11 pm | Permanent Link

Known as the “Lion of Lucerne,” it’s a sculpture carved into the side of a mountain near Lucerne, Switzerland, circa 1821. It was made in memory of Swiss Guard soldiers who were murdered by the unwashed, rampaging riff-raff during the French Revolution. It’s a touching piece of artwork. Can you imagine a negro making something like this? Neither can I.

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  7. 3 Responses to “White Art”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      YOU KNOW IT!

      Speaking of which, can you imagine this piece
      here below being played at the Nuremberg Rallies
      with hundred of flags blowing in the wind?
      Goosebump city… especially the ending.

      Meet the Austrian group “The Vienna Horns”:


    2. Joe Says:

      I can picture a negro defacing and spray-painting it… but that’s about it.

    3. archer Says:

      I just can’t conceive of doing anything like that myself, i’m limited to stick figures. The detail in the lions mane is incredible.