24 April, 2016

White Privilege? Where?

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Liberals don’t think their arguments through. How can “White privilege” exist in an Affirmative Action country that’s obsessed with promoting “racial equality”? Right now, if you’re a Black female, you have huge privilege: you can get a job anywhere, especially at a big company, since those companies must hire “x” number of Blacks and women. If you’re a Black female, you can also get into top universities much more easily, and you can also get several different types of welfare easily, and get other government benefits, too, such as subsidized HUD housing [1]. And thanks to Obamacare, you can get almost-free health care, paid for by the tax dollars of well-to-do Whites. “White privilege”? More like “Black female privilege.”


[1] according to federal Affirmative Action law, your company’s workforce must reflect the racial and gender make-up of the city/area that it’s located in. For example, if the city/area is 25% Black, then the workforce must be, too. Affirmative Action applies to all companies that have more than 15 employees. Affirmative Action came from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s House bill H.R. 7152, introduced June 20, 1963. Celler “also chaired House Subcommittee No. 5, officially an antitrust committee, which he carefully reconstructed to favor civil rights legislation” — so Celler not only wrote and introduced the bill, but he made sure it cleared an important committee as well

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