4 May, 2016

Donald Trump Will Win the November Election

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Hillary Clinton cannot beat Donald Trump in the general election. Clinton isn’t popular and she’ll only get left-wing votes. But Trump is much more of a populist. He’ll get votes from the Right, from Independents and from some people who usually vote Left, e.g., union workers. (As for Bernie Sanders, his win on May 3 in Indiana doesn’t change the fact that Clinton will be the Democrats’ presidential nominee, based upon the current delegate counts).

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      He will also get some votes from Blacks who realize that turd world immigration is also hurting them. Big jew must be getting worried.

    2. Joe Says:

      He will also most likely be assassinated if he tries to upset the jew’s rotten apple cart. This is why it’s vitally important that he choose a NON-insider as a running mate… one who would courageously carry on any reforms he may enact in the event of his demise. (When the U.S.-Bank-note touting JFK was assassinated, his “successor”… the traitorous LBJ, instantly negated his silver-backed U.S. Bank Notes.)

    3. Col. Peiper Says:

      Without wishing to be negative, I do want Trump to win. I’m worried that the Kike Jew may have more subversion up his sleeve to deny the Trump Presidency.

    4. fd Says:

      The House of Trump is laced with Jews by marriage and association. The Federal president is the general manager of Federal tyranny.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      If he is assassinated it will not be done on American soil, but on a diplomatic trip, perhaps on a jet over the Atlantic or by a raghead in Paris or London. There will be loads of planted clues and false trails all leading away from big jew.

    6. Jürgen Says:

      Joe is SPOT-ON CORRECT above.

      Donald MUST pick another non-establishment running mate.
      That way, if big kike assassinates him, like they killed JFK,
      then they’d have to finish off the vice president too, and
      the conspiracy would be apparent to all.

    7. Antagonistes Says:



    8. fd Says:

      This is true Ant. McGreen understood that Hillary will overwhelm the voting booth with the colored hordes and bastard populations. I personally don’t care who wins the Federal election. Trump should watch his back.

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Trump can win but the question is will be follow through with his promises to build the wall, deport illegal spiclets and others and end free trade so the white working class has a chance to survive?

      Also, did Tim McGreen pass away. That’s too bad if true and hopefully he’s resting well in Valhalla.

    10. Jon Geylow Says:

      Turd world?!? It’s funny because it sounds like 3rd world!

    11. Pete Malloy Says:

      Trump will win 2nd term as well as the 1st. It’s time to put bill and Hillary to pasture or let them take over Hugh Hefner enterprises, bill can take the pctures and chase the girls while Hillary writes the articles on lesbianism.