6 May, 2016

Illinois: Parents of Schoolgirls File Lawsuit Against the Queer/Tranny Agenda

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Want trannies in high school locker rooms? Neither do these parents. But since most judges today are “politically correct,” the parents will probably lose the lawsuit.


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  7. 6 Responses to “Illinois: Parents of Schoolgirls File Lawsuit Against the Queer/Tranny Agenda”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Why is this all about women?

      Men have modesty, also.

      I would not want some female walking behind me while I am standing at the urinal, or in my locker room as I am changing into swimming trunks.

      Soory, gals, because you have made this just about you, you will get no support from me.

      Moreover, you were the ones so supportive of gays and the lot.

      How does it feel to come back and bite you in the ass?

    2. Antagonistes Says:


      Fuck you bitches! You are the ones who gave it all away.

      You wanted to become like men, and earn money.

      You gave it all away for a cheap dream in a sleazy bingo parlor.

      How did that work out??? Won the jackpot yet???

      You gave into men, sexually, when you should have been the ones holding the line.

      “I can always get an abortion, if I get pregnant” you said.

      You goddamn bitches! Any woman who kills her own baby is no longer a living person—you are a withered husk of what you once were. You will NEVER be the same.

      Your grandmother would have kicked you in the groin, poked you in the eyes and pulled out your hair! Then she would have explained to you the ancient truth:

      Women hold the line, sexually. They make the man prove himself, and wait until he commits totally. In this way he learns to sublimate his sexual energy. He uses it to produce. To produce great art, great business, great enterprise. It is the men who go out to conquer, and the women are their foundation.

      The Hindu scriptures state this explicitly. But all ancient culture have known it. All of them!

      So, fuck you. If you see a man’s hairy ass in your locker room, or he sees you hairy twat, or both, so be it.

      You have no support from me.

      You gave it all away. You condemned a whole generation of young men to be slackers, drifters, loners.

      Maybe it wasn’t the younger ones; perhaps they are suffering for the sins of their mothers. So they must stand up and correct it.

      You will get no support from me.

      Fuck you.

    3. Mark Says:

      To hell with Antagonistes; women I support you! I don’t fault you (no more than I fault the average Goyim) for being betrayed by the Jew-led Feminists and other cultural Marxists. Too many of you traded your unique attributes of maternal greatness for the false freedom of servitude to the Satanic forces of the Frankfurt School of Social Research.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Mark, you sound like you have read that book, “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace” by Michael Walsh.

      Mark, I want to avoid that obnoxious Victorian attitude where women are some kind of angels who can do no wrong. I also want to avoid that modern attitude that woman are equal to men, a la the television shows that show them slugging men, etc.

      I think that the Scots-Irish pioneer woman of the Appalachians would be my ideal. They could slaughter the chickens, shoot the injuns, and still be feminine.

      But I do still blame the women. If they were deceived, it was a willing deception. It is an old, old story.

      I am convinced that they actually hate themselves for having two assholes.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      It’s good to see comments with some of the spark of the ‘old days’.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      When they come into your space, just go the whole way. Take off everything and give them a good shake. They won’t be back.