20 May, 2016

More Green Marxism: Banning “Climate-Change Denial”

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It’s Leftism 101: simply repeat liberal nonsense (e.g., “Climate change is real!”) over and over again until the nonsense becomes “fact.” It works because the media helps “validate” the nonsense.


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  7. One Response to “More Green Marxism: Banning “Climate-Change Denial””

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      In the middle ages, the same type of people banned anyone from doubting that “the Son and the Father were of the same essence, yet of different substance” or some such nonsensical fart-words.

      Liberalism is just the going forward of the Christian motive. Anyone who thinks for themselves is suspect, and is likely to be punished in some way.

      Why cannot one talk about the “holocaust” in Europe? John Galliano paid the price for that!

      In America, one cannot doubt global warming.