6 May, 2016

Our Jewed Culture

Posted by Socrates in jewed culture, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish brain features, Socrates at 11:41 am | Permanent Link

“Right. So this is the point we’ve reached. Sons being given pep talks on incestuous masturbation by their mothers is now, on American TV at any rate, a normal, everyday episode in a healthy mother-son relationship. This is something that would have been inconceivable to our Christian ancestors only fifty years ago; and it is still inconceivable in many parts of the world where moral standards have managed to survive and sexual decency is still valued.”


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  7. One Response to “Our Jewed Culture”

    1. Joe Says:

      How long… how long… how long must we endure this pathogen in our midst? There HAS to be a breaking point where nature whip-lashes to wipe them out. When will it come? When?