8 May, 2016

The Left, the Right and Winning People Over to Your Side

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I’ve heard this basic argument before. It goes: “when you’re trying to convince someone, don’t use logic. People aren’t moved by logic. Use emotion and the old ‘smear-by-association’ tactic instead.” But to me it’s a little more complicated than that, since the Left/Right playing field is uneven from the get-go. Leftist/liberal ideas often appeal to the masses because those ideas seem “fresh” and “new,” while rightist ideas seem “stale” and “old.” The Left has an automatic advantage over the Right. The Left is seen as “going forward,” while the Right is seen as “going backward.” Nobody wants to go backward (well, almost nobody). Furthermore, leftist ideas seem, on the surface at least, more “humanitarian” and “kind” while rightist ideas can seem “mean-spirited.” That’s a big advantage for the Left. Anyway, what I’m saying is, tactics that work for the Left may not work for the Right. The target audience is usually different. “Left-brain” and “right-brain” people react differently. (In fact, it was Dr. William Pierce’s logic and facts, not emotions, that swayed my thinking and caused me to become a White nationalist – especially Pierce’s “Who Rules America?” essay).


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    1. Jan L Says:

      The left attracts sheeple, the right attracts lions.