17 May, 2016

The People Who Invented Racism (the Jews) Oppose Donald Trump’s “Racism”/”anti-Semitism”

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…”the vast majority of Jewish institutions and personalities from the neoconservatives to the far Left have been hysterically anti-Trump.”

The Jews are, by nature, racist people, because Judaism itself is racism posing as a religion. In fact, the Jews were the first people to proclaim themselves superior to other humans. This alleged superiority is official, day-to-day doctrine. So how funny that Jews complain about Trump’s “racism”/”anti-Semitism” [1].


[1] the Jews believe that God likes them best, i.e., that they are “God’s chosen people” and that gentiles (non-Jews) were put on earth to serve the Jews, like cows and chickens serve a farmer

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    1. sally2 Says:

      There are billionaire Jews behind each candidate. Soros is behind Clinton and Adelson is behind Trump. See the ones behind Trump.