23 May, 2016

The UN: Why Is America Even a Member of This Freedom-Stealing Entity?

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Uhhh, excuse me? How did a murderous, communist country (China) get onto the UN “Security Council,” for fuck’s sake? That reflects very, very badly on the UN and the so-called “Security Council.” China is an illegitimate country. That’s right: not legit. Why? Because, from Chairman Mao onward, its communist leaders were not lawfully elected or lawfully appointed [1]. (Ditto the Soviet Union. Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, was lawfully appointed as the leader of Germany by president Paul von Hindenburg in January 1933). And don’t get me started on the bogus origins of the UN (many of its founders were Jewish communists, including Victor Perlo).


[1] this means that all U.S. trade deals with China are unlawful by default since the government of China isn’t a lawful entity

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  7. 2 Responses to “The UN: Why Is America Even a Member of This Freedom-Stealing Entity?”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Yeah, fuck the UN. That building in jewYork is long over-due for a 911 treatment, preferably when it is full of one-world scum. The East River could use some land-fill.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      PS fuck the Olympics too. Isn’t about time we kicked ‘world brotherhood’ in the ass.
      We can expect quite a bit of ‘brotherhood’ on display in Rio this summer, there will most likely be an explosion of STD. I hope the Rio medical establishment has laid in ample supplies of penicillin, it will be needed.