22 June, 2016


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The same educational system which turned out the people who designed the Mars mission is turning out millions of people today who not only haven’t a clue about physics or chemistry or mathematics, but who also haven’t a clue about the history of our people — or even about the proper use of our language. And I’m talking about university graduates. Why bother to take courses in the language of Shakespeare and Milton when one can graduate instead by taking courses in subjects like “California Wines” or “Park Science” or “Black Hair As Culture and History”? Believe it or not, Texas A & M University actually has a “Department of Park Sciences and Rural Sociology.” And Stanford University, which used to be a first-class institution before being stricken with a fatal attack of democracy, actually offers a course titled “Black Hair As Culture and History,” where students learn that persons born with black hair — for example, ahem, African-Americans — are more creative and intelligent than those with light hair.”


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    1. fd Says:

      Don’t forget about a degree in Basket Weaving. Panama–here I come.

      Speaking of Texas A&M University: The hated Jefferson Davis turned down the offer of becoming the first president of A&M. Mr. Davis refused to swear allegiance to the New Government in Washington, so the black republicans stripped him of citizenship……..I’m still laughing.