12 June, 2016

New Word: Gendercrap

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Gendercrap: any idea, belief or statement that there are more than two human genders; also includes any idea, belief or statement that a human can change his or her gender.

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    1. Mary O Says:

      Sex is generally a better word to use. Gender is a linguistic term.

      LGBT prefers the vaguer, more academic-sounding “gender” to a more direct word “sex.” Too sensitive are these homosexuals and feminists to cope with the sound of the word “sex,” and its implication that man has a partially animal nature.

      To these neo-Prudes the greater, more socially valuable man is one who has had his genitalia mutilated and amputated. In the PC hierarchy, these creatures are the ascendant, godly class.

      Note that the neo-Prudes view the African culture which mutilates a young woman’s genitalia as the scourge of the earth; but the CA mom who shoots her son full of estrogen is Joan of Arc.

      Quote: Though the law doesn’t require a doctor’s note, Shupe brought letters from the Oregon Health & Science University, as well as the Veterans Hospital. [end quote]

      The US government allows all these procedures to go through based on the opinions of mere nurses. That seems to indicate that certified physicians and psychiatrists who believe in these sex-change operations cannot easily be found.

      By the way, I used to work for a department store that strives for a “hip” image. Attractive young men were rapidly promoted by the many homosexual managers, and the atmosphere was always left-friendly.

      A “trans-sexual” was employed to work at one of the cosmetic counters. This “woman” did not look anything like a woman, although he wore his hair longish, and dressed in ladies pantsuits. No one would think he was other than an effeminate homosexual male.

      Just after his hiring, HR sounded rounded up all the summer staff; these were young, diverse women, and called them into a meeting. They were told that no matter what they were to say absolutely nothing about “her.”

      Mystified, the girls asked what if they were to say something positive about his customer service or his knowledge of the products.

      Say absolutely nothing, they were warned, or you will be fired immediately.

      The problem with a compliment, HR explained, is that it can be construed as meaning “ordinarily someone like them could not be expected to be … but …”

      Even a slip like calling him “him” could cost huge money in the left-dominated court system. With the large staff and rapid turnover, some such slip was definitely going to happen eventually.

      Apparently even this powerhouse of liberalism mistrusted the “trans-sexual” as an opportunist just trying to set them up for a $8 million lawsuit and endless bad publicity.

      Happily the public treated this person with such contempt that even he, with his high financial hopes, was forced to quit.

      Overall, even the left-leaning retail venue regarded him as a perfect nuisance.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Mary O Says: “Sex is generally a better word to use. Gender is a linguistic term.”

      Yes, you are right. “Sex” is the correct word.

      I simply adopted the Left’s terminology.

    3. Mary O Says:

      Discouraging young women from over-doing sports may be a good thing.

      While normal athletic activities (walking, jogging, hiking, biking) are good for one’s health, and recreation; women are different from men, and don’t normally develop an interest in team sports.

      If you ask any of these young women why they play soccer, field hockey or other team sport; they will always list the endless financial breaks they will receive on college costs. They will never say that the love the sport for its own sake.

      Locally, many of the young girls stride around the strip malls like boys, like third-rate imitations of their brothers, as if they were “champions.” The parents applaud for prudish reasons; they prefer having a tom-boy teen than have to deal with the possibility of her getting pregnant. Plus, our society doesn’t like girls much anyway. But aren’t they thwarting their daughter’s development into normal womanhood? When she turns 28, will she suddenly snap into femininity?

      (We don’t see too many teen couples).

      Don’t the team sports in a sense “de-sex” the young women?

      People scoff at the Victorian “prudishness,” but American neo-Prudery is far worse.

      Despite pretty looks, some of these former “champions” still move with the aggressive mannish gait of a lacrosse player, with a loud vulgar mouth to match; employers love them, but they don’t seem to find many potential husbands.

      By de-sexing themselves, they become a more salable commodity; but they are also de-humanizing themselves.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Sometimes men are appallingly naïve.

      A local pundit suggested that having all public rest rooms be fully private and designated for the use of both sexes, like the French do, would solve the problem.

      Does he not know that you have to pay for their use to support an attendant — who has to be there at all times — to prevent acts of both heterosexual and homosexual prostitution?

      Furthermore, how is some small restaurant going to afford to install 4 or 5 separate bathrooms?

      Men are just going along with the tranny demand, because they don’t want them in their men’s rooms either.

    5. fd Says:

      “Sex is generally a better word to use.” Absolutely correct. Gender has replaced sex so any person can be masculine, feminine, it, whatever. Popular neology.

    6. Mary O Says:

      We definitely need a word for this trend; it’s a type of Sex Denial.

      Every Ivy grad whom I have ever met believed that 1. sex is a continuum; 2. they themselves are bi-sexual; 3. they need to tell everyone about it, no matter how superficial the acquaintance.

      These beliefs are deeply rooted in the Ivy college brain-wash curricula.

      Maybe the personality type that attends those colleges is so obsessed with social advancement and grades that they never dare criticize anything.

      Declaring “bi-sexuality” allows an Ivy grad to claim a generous slice of the Victim Pie. And, it acts as a shield against [horrors] Accusations of Insensitivity.

      What reward would there be for eye-rolling, hissing, booing or even just asking a simple question as to what evidence supports “Queer Theory”?

      A grade of “C” would pretty much render their (speculative) investment of $100Ks borrowed money worthless.

    7. Mary O Says:

      Locally too a “Gay Pride” event was billed as family-friendly.

      The true motive for these events is the attempt to assuage the profound anxiety suffered by those engaged in the homosexual lifestyle.

      Homosexuals gain momentary relief from that anxiety by the thought that someone’s grandmother resignedly grants her “approval;” but the torment always returns.

      The attempts to chemically change young boys into girls through the use of hormones are driven by similar motive.

      Pity-addled, our society feels so sorry for the homosexuals, driven half-crazy by an anxiety that turns their blood to ice, that it therefore caves to their every whim.

      But it’s just going to keep getting worse, and worse.

      Nothing will ever cure their anxiety; not drugs, nor booze, nor social “approval,” nor surgery, nor “gay marriage,” nor “gay adoption,” nor children being forced into their lifestyle …

      They will always feel dread that something is terribly wrong with themselves until they acknowledge that it is true: something is terribly wrong with them.

    8. Mary O Says:

      The same retail venue that hired the “trans-sexual” also had to remove the door of their public men’s restroom.

      For reasons unknown, the “gay community” had targeted it as a meeting place for gay sex.

      Many horrified customers complained about this situation, and women would frequently bring their young sons to the ladies’ room, to protect them from being raped.

      So now will there be no public rest rooms with doors anymore?