17 July, 2016

Baton Rouge: Six Cops Shot, Three Dead, Suspect Dead

Posted by Socrates in "civil rights", 'Black Lives Matter', Affirmative Action, black crime, Black mentality, black nationalism, Black racism, black violence, Black-on-cop crime, leftism, leftists, liberal mindset, liberals, police, Socrates at 1:26 pm | Permanent Link

White liberal #1: “Uh-oh! This ongoing Black violence against the police isn’t good for race relations in America!”

White liberal #2: “Well, if we can just pass more civil-rights laws and more Affirmative Action laws, we can get Blacks and Whites to come together in peace and harmony!”

White liberal #3: “I used to believe that, but then I stopped taking drugs.”


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  7. 4 Responses to “Baton Rouge: Six Cops Shot, Three Dead, Suspect Dead”

    1. Mark Says:

      Gone, country, gone.

      The Black Lives Matter movement continues to chant for the killing of police officers, see e.g., https://youtu.be/2GOrtHd5tTU, while white police officers who complain on Facebook suffer discipline and termination from employment, see e.g., http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/07/14/officers-fired-for-anti-black-lives-matter-social-media.html; http://nationalvanguard.org/2016/07/what-theyre-aiming-for/.

      Beyond the pale, the ruling “establishment” and its foul evilness fall beyond mere words.

      Pierce is right; we now enter a period beyond social repair. See http://nationalvanguard.org/2016/07/the-decaying-corpse-called-america/.

    2. fd Says:

      Criminals on both sides of the fence. Cops are boiling for revenge. The Federals will add more laws to the draconian dictionary of law. Innocent citizens will be punished for the insurrection.

      These attacks on cops is guerrilla warfare. The country is transforming from central despotism to anarchy.

    3. archer Says:

      When seconds count, the police are minutes away, even when it comes to saving their own, a lot of good their military surplus rifles are doing them or us.

    4. MADMAN1369 Says:

      I am a Pure White Canadian that is on drugs(My prescriptions) and I see the problem much clearer now than 35yrs. ago We are having a crisis in Canada and its called being ashamed that in WWII the Canadian Government of that time would not and did not take jews from Germany now I see that the establishment sees fit to let these Syrian darkies into our country to take jobs and homes from real Canadians. Fine, we will protect them and when this ISIS matter is dealt with as it should be,somewhat the way WWII was fought, all out and desicive. Then I guess they can all get back on their boats, planes or whatever and go home. Learn to protect themselves so groups such as Taliban or ISIS would be crushed in an instant.That shit would never happen in Canada or any civilized country, and if it was tried I won“t run but stay and fight for my Country until I am stone cold dead or holding my rifle in the air in victory GOD BLESS CANADA and our southern neighbours.WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE