30 July, 2016

One More Time: Why Do States Have Legislatures?

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Each time a state passes a good law, a federal court voids it. So why bother having state legislatures? In fact, you could say that state and local governments no longer have any real power, it’s all federal power today.

[Article] and [Article].

  • 9 Responses to “One More Time: Why Do States Have Legislatures?”

    1. fd Says:

      In 1865 all state capitol buildings were reduced to Federal Outpost. Washington city is the home office to the vassal states.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:

      Coming soon to an America near you:

      Civil War II

      States’ rights revisited

    3. archer Says:

      It’s funny how the courts never says how the law discriminates against “minorities”.
      You can show any of six photo id’s, if you don’t have one of those you probably are not a citizen or are trying to vote more than once.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      The federal government has swallowed up the states just like the nude German slut swallowed up McGreen.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      They both, McGreen and the states, gave their power away. Gave it away, by being seduced.

    6. fd Says:

      Wait a minute, Ant. I’m pulling for McGreen to make a come-back. Having said that, I probably couldn’t resist a nude German girl.

    7. Spahnranch69 Says:

      McGreen is currently working undercover for the Trump campaign, masquerading as a (((celebrity divorce attorney))) in Hollywood.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      I wish it were true. It is painfully depressing to know that McGreen is now a vaginal lubricant.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      McGreen is the new vaseline.