26 July, 2016

The “City of Brotherly Love” Plagued by Snafus During DNC Event

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Wow! A heavily-non-White city is having trouble running things related to the Democratic convention. Gee! Who’da thunkit?? [1].


[1] a majority-non-White city, Philadelphia is 44% Black and 12% “other” non-White races. This is largely due to “White flight” from 1950 onward, i.e., Whites not wanting to live amongst Black hoodlums so the Whites move elsewhere

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  7. One Response to “The “City of Brotherly Love” Plagued by Snafus During DNC Event”

    1. fd Says:

      The Jew, who is Asiatic at root, is always counted as White. Hispanics are normally counted as White along with Indians of India and Arabs too. The government count of White people is never accurate.