15 July, 2016

When Brown Man Comes, or, Assimilation? What Assimilation?

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One of the things you can “look forward to” when Brown Man takes power: no dogs will be allowed. (In fact, Muslims hate dogs as part of their official doctrine; what kind of a person doesn’t like dogs?).


  • 2 Responses to “When Brown Man Comes, or, Assimilation? What Assimilation?”

    1. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Muslims don’t like animals that they can’t have sex with. Sheep and Goats just stand there and take whatever the muslim gives them. In the year 615, Muhammed banned all dogs from Arabia after he got bitten trying to have sex with a shewolf.

    2. Paul Jones Says:

      There’s a whole lot more than dogs they don’t like. The irony is is that by arriving into our countries en mass, they’re turning them into the very same shit holes that they’re fleeing. I think they genuinely believe that the white man can give them a better life. This is not going to end well.