10 August, 2016

Cowardice and Individualism

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Part of their campaign has involved persuading the more impressionable and fashion-conscious elements of the public that it’s already illegal to say anything which is “racist” or “anti-Semitic.” I’m sure that all of you have seen newspaper stories to the effect that someone was arrested for distributing “racist” leaflets, or that the police found “anti-Semitic” literature in the home of someone who was charged with a “hate crime.” The way these things are reported they create the impression in the public’s mind that distributing the Politically Incorrect leaflets or having the Politically Incorrect books in one’s home is illegal in itself. And they report things that way deliberately. They deliberately deceive us. They want people who read these news reports to believe that having the wrong type of reading material in one’s bookshelf — or the wrong type of ideas in one’s head — can get one into trouble. They want people who think Politically Incorrect thoughts to be fearful.”


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