7 August, 2016

“Gender Equality” Leads to…Inequality

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According to the Olympics officials, males can be females and females and can males. But what happens when liberal propaganda meets biological reality? If a “female” athlete is biologically male, he will have an automatic physical advantage over women in certain sports, i.e., he’ll have more muscle mass than the females [1]. If a “male” athlete is biologically female, she also will have an advantage depending on the sport-in-question (e.g., certain gymnastics), since women are lighter, more limber and more agile than men; they also have a lower center of gravity. So much for “gender equality” in the world of sports – the “level playing field” has been wiped out by “transsexualism.”


[1] males have 30% to 40% more muscle mass in the lower body and 50% to 60% more in the upper body than females

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