4 August, 2016

It’s a Black Thing, Part 1

Posted by Socrates in black arrogance, black behavior, Black mentality, It's a Black Thing, Socrates at 12:10 pm | Permanent Link

Walking down the middle of a street instead of using the sidewalk. This behavior forces Whitey to drive around the negro, giving the negro a feeling of power; it’s also a form of “payback.”

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  7. 5 Responses to “It’s a Black Thing, Part 1”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      Any such cocky negroid gets a mighty Whitey blast of the horn from this driver.

    2. archer Says:

      I would just yell at them to hurry up or they will be late for work.

    3. The Sand Dude Says:

      Off topic:

      VNN Forum appears to be down. August 5, 2:55 PM EST

    4. Luke Says:

      I can remember riding a school bus home from High School back in the early 1970s and when the bus had to cruise down a road that was adjacent to a colony of IQ of 60 nigras – the bus would have to slow down to a crawl, because the nigras had seen the bus coming and noticed that it had a lot of white kid’s faces looking out the windows, and so these nigras would intentionally get their worthless black asses off their porches and into the middle of the road and purposefully impede traffic.

      Meanwhile, on the bright side, flies and maggots were feasting and gorging themselves (and shitting) in the Colt 45 Malt Liquor beer cans and bottles that the nigras had to park on their porches while they were out in the middle of the road, showing their hatred and defiance of the White man’s world.

    5. Beth Gibson Says:

      Just honk horn once. Keep driving.