17 August, 2016

Jewish Policy Against Iraq

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“That, of course, is the key to this whole, sordid business — Iraq may defend itself from Israel — but it’s something that’s never admitted in public by the politicians or the media. Instead, Iraq always is held up as a threat to us, to America, to the world: we must get the Iraqis before they get us. And that, of course, is nonsense: total nonsense. But Mr. Clinton is surrounded by people who parrot the same nonsense. The only people he talks with are his Jewish advisers and officials, the media, and other politicians. They all agree with him. Until Saddam Hussein’s agreement just a few days ago to let the UN inspection teams into his bedroom whenever they want to come in, all of the people around Clinton agreed we should attack Iraq, and the sooner the better. Now most of them have backed off a bit until they can figure out a new reason for attacking, on which they’re working. Some Republicans are saying that we should ignore the UN agreement and attack anyway.”


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