27 August, 2016

More Trouble Between Iran and America, or, When You Look for Trouble, You Often Find It

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What’s the difference between George W. Bush’s Middle East foreign policy and Obama’s? No difference that I can tell. It’s all Zionism. Anyway, here’s a radical idea: instead of getting into confrontations with Iran, maybe the U.S. should stay out of the northern Persian Gulf, which is basically Iranian territory? Think about it: I wonder how the U.S. navy would like an Iranian warship cruising near Florida or New York? You think such a cruising would be well-received? Betcha not! Betcha the U.S. navy would be quite alarmed at an Iranian warship near our coast. Isn’t it time for the U.S. government to reject Zionism and bring the troops home once and for all? If the Jews are so worried about Iran, why isn’t Israel cruising the northern Persian Gulf? Don’t the Jews have ships? (Yes, they do).


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    1. IsItSomethingISaid Says:

      “A new Pearl Harbor.” The Khazarians published the year before Silverstein’s NYC windfall their intentions to goad the American people/Goy in to permitting the further use of their children as cannon fodder in the creation of Greater Israel.

      Well, they did it again a few years ago with their Brookings Institution’s publishing of, “Which Path to Persia.” This document discusses how the Goy of the West, and especially Americans, can be once again goaded into the utilization of their children as cannon fodder–This time in Iran.

      “Let’s make a deal.” And get this, one of the main strategies laid out is the the use of a DEAL with Iran. A deal that then can be leveraged into a psyop that will produce the prerequisite support from the people of the West for their children to be used as cannon fodder again. A false-flag is also discussed.

      “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever.” –Maurice Samuel.

      An American citizen, not US subject.