18 August, 2016

Trump, Hillary and the Electoral College

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Ramzpaul predicts that Donald Trump cannot win the election because the electoral college favors a Democrat. But I think Ramzpaul is wrong because his prediction is based on a Democrat running for president. However, Hillary Clinton is no ordinary Democrat. She is widely disliked and distrusted – so much so that Bernie Sanders (someone with virtually no “name recognition” amongst the public) nearly beat her in the primary election. So, if I were Ramzpaul, I wouldn’t be so quick to call Trump the automatic loser in this election. (As for the polls, just remember that in the 1980 presidential election, all the polls showed Jimmy Carter winning the election, but instead, Ronald Reagan won by a landslide. So much for polls).


  • 3 Responses to “Trump, Hillary and the Electoral College”

    1. Luke Says:

      I really do think that, if this vile and evil bitch Hillary and her communist, anti-White side kick Kaine win in November – that this country will be closer to the second Civil War than at any time since 1860.

      Trump has awakened millions of White Americans and stirred their sense of racial awareness – and when combined with the taste Whites have had of being ruled over by a half black mongrel who hates their guts and who has been working overtime to destroy the America that Whites built according to their preferences – so, I do not think that this White racial awakening is going to fade away and subside.

      The Hildebeast and her jew handlers realize this, as well – which means, they will immediately start to ratchet up the gun bans and do so via executive fiat and that very well could be the spark that ignites what we all know is long overdue.

    2. YIH Says:

      Trump CAN win, but it won’t be ‘a slam dunk’ despite all of Hillary’s issues (like her health). Look at the last two Presidential races, FL is no longer a solid ‘red state’ (it now leans ‘blue’ due to demographic changes over the past decade) and several other states are up for grabs.
      If it comes down to a repeat of 2000, Trump may not win. Just like ‘team Gore’ did then, ‘team Hillary’ will use every crooked means at her disposal to pull out a win. This is her last chance at the brass ring, and she’ll do anything to grab it, even out-jewing a jew… As we’ve all just seen.

    3. Common sense Says:

      Hillary and Trump are both puppets and jew owned. Trump is playing a character, c ‘mon folks.