30 August, 2016

White Music

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“Greensleeves” (English, circa 1580) [Video].

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  7. 11 Responses to “White Music”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      That is one tune that really gets on my nerves! It is a lament and is always emphasized that in some way it is quintessentially “English”. It isn’t, because English people are not imbued with a recognizable musical spirit, their folk music is quite frankly, crap. In the North of England people in search of traditional and folk music favor Scottish and Irish music, for the same reasons that Country Music is liked in the States.

    2. Socrates Says:

      As an American, what do I know of English music?

      (But, yeah, I know, Jethro Tull is actually Scottish music since Anderson is Scottish…)

    3. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Led Zeppelin played some nice English folk music ballads, no?

    4. fd Says:

      I like Neil Young’s music, but when he released “Alabama” and “Southern Man” criticizing southern racism, he got a severe lesson in real folk music when LYNYRD SKYNYRD fired back with “Sweet Home Alabama” which is a southern anthem along with “DIXIE and “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” by Charlie Daniels Band. At the time Young was associating with Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and other like minded musicians. Ol’ Neil forgot that folk music is normally upbeat and positive. He went in the opposite direction.

    5. Terence Colledge Says:


      What RUBBISH England the English made the best cars, composed the best music. (apart fom that “Led Zeppelin”)

    6. Joe Says:

      Sorry to disagree with all of you, but the greatest music (by far) ever conceived was by the Germans. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Wagner… any one of these five alone towers over any other composer (with the exception of perhaps Chopin who was Polish). And although I do like good rock and roll, that genre to the great classics is as a child’s finger painting to a Rembrandt.

    7. terry Says:


      Germany beats every body at everything!

    8. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Has Germany ever produced a good rock band? And by good rock band I do NOT mean the Scorpions.

    9. fd Says:

      The South conquered the universe with its music. In all the pages of history there is no distinct group of people who have done with music what the South has. Rock and roll, folk music, country, outlaw country, blues, whatever. ‘Battle of the Bands’ music venues were held all over the place in the 1960s and ’70s. Every day music pours out of the South like a great waterfall.

      Rock and roll originated in the Southern country. Gregg Allman said the term ‘southern rock’ is redundant. It’s like saying ‘rock rock.’

    10. Spahnranch69 Says:

      I love the music of the late, great Texas blues guitarist Johnny Winter. I suspect one of fd’s favorite songs is “Poncho and Lefty” by Townes van Zandt.

    11. fd Says:

      You nailed it, Spahnranch6. Johnny Winter and Townes, both from Texas, played music for the folk. Dylan was quoted in Texas Monthly magazine saying that “Poncho and Lefty” was the best song ever written.