7 September, 2016


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“We clung to meaningless rules — we clung to civility and politeness and table manners and dressing properly and other outward forms — while they corrupted and subverted from within. It was considered rude to point to the corrupters and subverters. We may not have admitted many of the brasher and pushier New York and Hollywood Jews into our society, but we thought it was all right to admit the ones who had learned to dress and talk like us, the ones who had learned our manners and could pretend to be ladies and gentlemen. Our polite and civilized society carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

And even today the conservatives cannot let go of it. They are so enamored of its rotted-out hulk that the stink of its decay doesn’t discourage them. But, still — I can remember the time when I too didn’t understand where the stink was coming from, and so I believe that there are some conservatives who still are worth talking with, some who still can learn to let go.”


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