16 September, 2016

How to Bypass the Expensive, Marxist Colleges and Universities

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Concerning this article “How to Replace Colleges and Universities”: those are good ideas, especially idea #2. But an even simpler alternative to colleges, I think, would be a huge, nationwide apprentice program for young people aged 18-25. Private companies could receive big tax breaks by apprenticing, say, 4 young people per year without pay. Such companies could include air conditioning, plumbing, welding and electrical contractors, and automobile repair shops. This way, young people would learn valuable trades for free, without going into debt and without being brainwashed with left-wing propaganda. It would be a win-win situation for everyone. (Dr. Pierce once said that only a small percentage of White people need to go to college. The rest should learn trades [1]).


[1] “The proper function of a university is the training of scholars, and no society needs or can tolerate more than a small percentage of them” (from “The Roots of Civilization” by Dr. William Pierce, the rare unabridged version)

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    1. fd Says:

      The big universities can only fake it for so long. They maintain heavy student populations by enrolling/recruiting 10s of thousands of Asians from the Middle East and Far East. The media mongrel tells us their test scores are superior to Whites. Oh really. Why don’t Asians have their own magnificent learning institutions? Why did Southern down-homers burn up 40 dozen jet airplanes flying out of Houston to build their offshore oilfields in the Persian Gulf, South China Sea, Java Sea, Makassar strait, wherever? Those people couldn’t build an offshore oilfield for all the tea in China. That goes for the Jew boys too. Oy Vey, how do those mean ol’ Confederates take crude oil from the bottom of the sea and transfer it to the beach.

    2. Spahnranch69 Says:

      I like how those universities are making money hand over fist, especially the ones with big basketball and football teams, yet they are listed as “nonprofit” organizations. And their presidents make salaries (not earn, make) that are well inside the 6 figure range. What a friggin’ scam. Don’t fall for it, White Man.

    3. fd Says:

      Compulsory schooling originated in New England. The results are what you see today.

      Cappy needs to go back to school. He advocates a militant school environment where students are physically beaten by teachers. Mandatory military service demands that young men march the lockstep to whatever criminal government is in charge.

      Students learn best in a free environment, not a national detention center. People on the Northeast corridor have no business telling citizens in Arizona how to manage their independent school districts.

      By 1970, Federal guns and laws successfully integrated White schools in the South. And that is why our schools are worth nothing.

    4. Spahnranch69 Says:

      I agree fd, that old Boston-New York-Washington Axis of Establishment tyranny has got to be broken up. In fact the Federal Empire itself needs to be broken up into at least a half dozen smaller revolutionary White republics.

    5. fd Says:

      You’re right, Spahnranch69. The country should be divided into at least a half dozen White republics. Let’s make it a baker’s dozen — 13. It matches the 13 original colonies that were transformed into states. The Dixie flag has 13 stars, except it’s the most hated flag on the planet.