14 September, 2016

Shielding Evil

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Sometimes it’s difficult to decide how much of this Jewish behavior is calculated theatrical display designed to impress the lemmings and how much of it is based on a genuine conviction that Jews are entitled to do whatever they want to the Gentiles, and the Gentiles aren’t entitled to defend themselves. If one sees the Jews outside the London court shrieking their hatred at David Irving or listens to Brooklyn Bernie on the radio in New York mouthing his hatred of me, one cannot help but remember that the Romans 2,000 years ago regarded the Jews as the most hate-filled race in their empire. But we also must remember that the Jews are in fact a theatrical people, whose whole existence has been based on illusion and deception.”


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    1. Bigduke6 Says:

      Great article and so true.