22 September, 2016

The Power of the Left: Where Does It Come From?

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(Above: famed “journalist” Edward R. Murrow, who could make, or break, anyone in America).

“Accordingly, it is necessary to discuss the most important tool that the leftist and globalist intelligentsia uses to manipulate public perceptions and opinions. This tool is the Overton Window…”

Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough (my idea of gourmet food is a cheeseburger), but I’m not sure I agree with that Overton Window thing. It seems to me that the Left gets most of its power from the left-wing, mainstream media, which daily promotes leftist ideas: race-mixing, faggotry, feminism, etc.[1]. Heck, Martin Luther King Jr. was built by the media – he’d be a nobody without it. And anti-communist Sen. Joseph McCarthy was crucified by the same media – even the “greatest newsman” Edward R. Murrow jumped onto the anti-McCarthy bandwagon by defending an “innocent” Black woman named Moss who was “victimized” by McCarthy; Murrow destroyed McCarthy’s reputation; but later it was discovered that – surprise! – Moss was a Communist party member, just like McCarthy said.


[1] “No king or pope of old, no conquering general or high priest ever disposed of a power even remotely approaching that of the few dozen men who control America‚Äôs mass media of news and entertainment.” — Dr. William Pierce, in his essay “Who Rules America?”

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