30 September, 2016

Whites, Blacks and Cautiousness

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(This post was inspired by a negro who was electrocuted at his workplace. Apparently, it did not occur to him to verify if the power was off before making repairs to machinery).

Newbies, an important difference between Whites and negroes is that Blacks are naturally less cautious than Whites. For example, a Black is more likely to smoke a cigarette while pumping gasoline at a gas station, or to have unprotected sex with a sleazy woman, or to shoot heroin. But yet, Blacks are nonetheless employed in professions where cautiousness is extra-important, e.g., at nuclear power plants and chemical plants. That’s a big safety risk for America. In fact, it would be interesting to learn how many serious work-related accidents occur every year due to Black carelessness.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Whites, Blacks and Cautiousness”

    1. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Coloreds love screwing around with high-voltage wires because they can get a few bucks from scrap dealers for the copper. Invariably they wind up not only getting electrocuted but literally getting their heads and limbs blown off. Yet they continue to do it, because they are incapable of understanding the consequences of their stupid, impulsive behavior.

    2. I.C. Dindus Says:

      As any good Jewish communist (forgive the redundancy) will tell you, this sort of piebald racism CANNOT go unchallenged. Th Noble Negro is actually very circumspect and careful in all his doings. Fer instance, after gang-raping and torturing this young white girl, the googles had the good sense to shoot her and feed her body to alligators, so dat de raciss five-oh don’t be havin’ no evidence to send the dindus up to nigger university. Once the rape and murder of white women is legalized by Ruth Bader Shitstein, this will no longer be a problem.