20 October, 2016

Donald Trump Scares the Jews During the Oct. 19 Political Debate

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How did Trump scare the Jews? He said that he would contest the election result if he lost the election[1]. This, according to the Jews, proves that he’s a “loose cannon” who won’t follow basic political rules. This scared God’s Pets: if Trump won’t follow basic rules, how can he be trusted regarding Israel and other important Jewish issues? Trump is now seen as a volatile renegade who might or might not follow the “official, decades-old Zionist playbook.” Oy veh!

[1] during the debate he implied he would contest it, and the next day he confirmed that

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  7. 2 Responses to “Donald Trump Scares the Jews During the Oct. 19 Political Debate”

    1. Joe Says:

      Say what you will about Trump… but, the fact that he brought up the dangers of the “international financiers” and “global media” the other day in a speech proves – once and for all – that he is indeed a legitimate maverick. He’s not some shill setup for some hidden kosher agenda. He’s exposed many worms that the kikes would much rather have kept in their cans.

    2. Luke Says:

      Unfortunately, Joe – Trump’s unique courage in bringing up the ‘international financiers’ and ‘global media’ is not going to register with the vast and overwhelming majority of White females. And, for some frighteningly inexplicable reason – neither will his warnings that the Hildeabeast will throw open our borders and import millions of savage, sexually aggressive, violent third world Muzzie and African beasts and then sit back and allow them to terrorize and brutally gang rape millions of White children, young girls & boys, teenage and adult age White females.

      The reason I say this – is because throughout my life, I can not remember having even a single conversation with a White female about politics whereby the White female demonstrated to me that she was even moderately savvy about the most critical issues of the day. Very few average women pay much attention to politics, and those that do are usually the type who base their political decisions on what they think is best for their individual vaginas.

      Take the abortion issue as one example. Women have gotten the idea into their heads that they have a sacred right to be able to terminate any fetuses that are inconvenient to their careers or party girl lifestyles.

      Some of these women can be seen driving around town with pro-Abortion bumper stickers on their cars, which seems to me to be an act of gloating and triumphalism over their ability to kill their fetuses in order to flaunt their freedom from ‘White male oppression’. Such women as these could have a candidate who promises to start a thermo nuclear war on the first day she is in office and wipe out 95% of human life on this planet – but, if that same candidate promised to keep abortion legal – these dumb selfish bitches would vote for her over a candidate who promised to NOT start WW3.

      This is why I believe the loathsome Bush family conspired along with Paul Ryan to release that carefully timed ‘pussy grab’ audio of Trump. They see the female vote as their last big weapon to use on Trump to cost him the election – and, I am afraid that a significant number of women are going to fall for that bait and not vote for him.

      I hope I’m wrong about this, but the ease with which the jews have been able to manipulate White females into voting against their own racial interests is amazing.