26 October, 2016

For the World’s Sake, They Must Stop Multiplying

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(Above: filth in Africa; many of these people will come to the Western countries soon)

Globally speaking, the Black and Brown people must be prevented from breeding. How? That’s for future Western governments to decide. Black and Brown people create massive problems for humanity. They’re a burden to the world. They cause a disproportionate amount of crime, violence, disease, overpopulation, corruption, animal cruelty, environmental damage, etc. [1]. And they are now coming to the White Western countries by the millions.


[1] as an example, Mexicans are spreading gang violence into America at a rapid pace and they are also notoriously cruel to animals

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    1. Paul Jones Says:

      The new offspring could be sterilised at birth without their parents knowledge. Or of course, we could start electing governments that we actually want in power.