28 October, 2016

If Donald Trump Wins the Election

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If he becomes president, Mr. Trump might want to ponder this fact: making laws is great. But amending the Constitution is even better [1]. What could be amended? Well, the idea that our Founding Fathers would allow illegal alien “anchor babies” to automatically become citizens is absurd [2]. Also absurd is the idea that American presidents can order U.S. troops into war without congressional approval. There are many things that could be amended in the Constitution. How about an amendment that creates a requirement that The United States of America must remain, to quote the famous judge Robert H. Bork, “Eurocentric” and majority-European? That idea is not unreasonable given our history and our laws. The USA was founded by 118 White men and all of our laws are in English. All of our values and customs are European-originated; they are not Asian- or negro-originated.

[1] granted, amending the Constitution is more difficult than making laws. In fact, as time marches forward, it will become more and more difficult to amend the Constitution because America will be more racially diverse, and therefore the chances of a “meeting of the minds” within the state legislatures will be slimmer

[2] the 14th Amendment was not ratified properly, so “anchor babies” are illegal aliens

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    1. Mike Andrews Says:

      Socrates allows that if Trump is ushered onto the catbird throne the best thing he could do is amend the Constitution. He (Socrates) writes: “Mr. Trump might want to ponder this fact: making laws is great. But amending the Constitution is even better [1].”
      Sorry, Socrates, but I disagree.
      You see, what America needs is not amendment but OBSERVATION of already established Constitutional values.
      Under onus of the jews’ destructive Civil Rights miasma which has been instrumental in the proffering of noahide law, Constitutional Rule of Law went south and has never returned.
      The gradual inveigling of jew law and jew control over the White race, then, must be attributed to the Civil Rights leviathan, whose racist screed has known no bounds where it comes to the jew-endorsed disenfranchisement of Whites.
      As example cite the Civil Rights Act of 1968, when the Supremes ‘determined’ that it was the authors’ intent to name jews as White. Negroes were also afforded amenities in exulting them to the fore, over the backs of Whites. It was a deliberate, stinging slap against the collective White face.
      The day the Supreme Court vetted the 1968 Civil Rights Act, supposedly to insure that it fit snugly into the matrix of existing statutes, the White race became disenfranchised in its own homeland, just as our great forefathers Franklin, Jefferson and Adams had warned would be the case if we allowed jewry to enter into our midst and take up residency.
      As of the 1968 Civil Rights package and its signing, jew bosses, of which there were many, became empowered UNDER FORCE OF LAW to hire only jews whenever the Marxist-based Affirmative Action Guidelines called for the induction of a White person into the workforce.
      . . . After 1968 it was ALWAYS a jew.
      This is how the most reprehensible, vitriolic and hate-filled race of cretins on earth came to the fore of political and sociological power in America. It was brought about the same way jews have always worked their screed of hatred upon others — via stealth.
      In conclusion, we don’t need a Constitutional Amendment; what we need from Mr. Trump, should we be so fortunate as to see him assume the catbird throne, are RESTORATION AND ENFORCEMENT of Constitutional law, not amendment!
      Under the Constitution all Americans are born with an equal opportunity. Period, end of story. What they do with that opportunity is a matter strictly up to them. Under the Constitution there is no embellishment of beloved minorities; no exultation of those struggling for a foothold, that they may move to the fore.
      Under Constitutional law everyone is guaranteed a FAIR and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and nothing more.
      This is the system that made America the envy of all nations, where men and women of genuine skill and integrity moved to the fore under the AGENCY OF FREE WILL, sans embellishment from any biased governmental power.
      In my honest opinion, we owe it to ourselves to completely abolish every shred of Civil Rights code and thus usher in a renaissance of tried and proven policies.
      This. . . will restore the level playing field, by removing the plethora of jews who currently throng the halls of power, forcing them to abandon their cozy monopolies and the totalitarian control of government they now enjoy from the grass roots, municipal levels all the way into the highest echelons of power in the Washington Beltway. Then, the American people will be able to shout a resounding NO!! to property tax and to all other despotic policies by which the jews have stripped us bare.
      Yes – remove them, kicking and squealing like the insufferable vermin they are.
      We are seeing a window of opportunity open unto us. Let us not pass it up — we must strike while the iron is hot!