16 October, 2016

Now, You Can Be an Anti-Semite Without Even Using the Word “Jew”

Posted by Socrates in 'anti-Semitism', 'hate', 'hate' crimes, 'hate' laws, globalization, jewed culture, jews, Neocons, Socrates, Zionism at 2:35 pm | Permanent Link

Hey, they forgot the Yid code words “cosmopolitan,” “New Yorker” and “neocon”! Anyway, how long will it be before White countries like England and France ban words like “globalist” and “Zionist” for being “anti-Semitic”?


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  7. One Response to “Now, You Can Be an Anti-Semite Without Even Using the Word “Jew””

    1. Mark Says:

      First, if the word “Globalist” is disguised anti-Semitism, is the phrase “One Percenter” used by the Occupy movement disguised anti-Semitism? How about “Corporatist” or “Wall Street”? The assertion is facially absurd and a veiled attempt to protect Globalists, One Percenters, Corporatists, and Wall Street from criticism.

      Second, anyone who infers that Trump’s use of the word “Globalist” is disguised anti-Semitism is ipso facto anti-Semitic themselves for believing that all Jews are globalists.