15 October, 2016

The Rape of Latvia by Jews

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Is there any country that the Jews didn’t rape?

Alex Linder, Donald Day and others comment on the rape of Latvia by communist Jews circa 1940/1941.

“It was the Jews who participated in the introduction of the Red Terror against the very Latvians who had given them refuge and shelter from countries which had vomited them forth. I saw all this happen.” — American journalist Donald Day.

VNN’s Alex Linder reads Donald Day’s vital book “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Communist Jews such as Simon Shustin, Isaac Bucinskis, Alfons Noviks and Moses Zitron led the rape of Latvia.

Archival film footage of the Soviet/Jewish mass-murder of gentiles in Latvia. The German soldiers were welcomed as saviors and heroes when they arrived in Latvia.

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    1. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Question: Is there any country that the Jews didn’t rape?

      Answer: Is there any country they don’t continue to rape? Why are you speaking in past tense?

    2. I.C. Dindus Says:


      “Nazi” march in Kiev draws thousands.