12 October, 2016

Why Do They Do It?

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“I said I think that this will be a wonderful thing for two reasons: First, it’s good for everyone to see just where the nuttiness of egalitarianism and multiculturalism is taking us. At this time most of what we hear is the feminine whining of the “oh, why can’t we all just learn to love each other and get along together” crowd. Those are the folks who believe that if we could just get some “speech crime” laws to shut up those awful heterosexual White males and some more gun control laws to disarm them, then we could all live together in multicultural bliss forever. I think it will be better when that whining gives way to the snarling of the crowd whose message is “pay up now, Whitey!” Second, it would be good for the soccer moms and all the other White suburban liberals to have a big bite taken out of their comfort if they’re forced to pay reparations to the Blacks.”


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