20 October, 2016

Women, Don’t Mess It Up This Time

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For some reason, women elected Bill Clinton twice and Barack Obama twice. Ladies, vote properly this election [1].

[1] women are the largest voting bloc in America, making up about 55% of the vote. One report showed that, if only men had voted in 1996, Bob Dole, not Bill Clinton, would have won the presidential election. Given what the Clinton administration did to Serbia in 1999, for example, this is a serious issue

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  7. One Response to “Women, Don’t Mess It Up This Time”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Our White Founding Fathers wisely had only men voting.

      How much longer is the White Man going to put up with this nonsense
      before he takes his Kentucky rifle off of the wall again?

      When niggers take up arms, riots occur and cities burn down.
      When Whites take up arms, republics are born.