16 November, 2016

Black Is Good; White Is Bad

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The real Black behavior, however, manifested itself when White women and girls who didn’t have the sense to stay indoors — or in some cases were caught going to or from their places of employment — were spotted by the Blacks. The cry would go up: “There’s a White girl. Get her!” Then exactly the same thing would happen that happened in Central Park. The unfortunate White girl would be mobbed by Blacks, her clothes would be ripped from her body, and she would be fondled and probed while other Blacks gleefully watched and videotaped her humiliation. There were even photographs in the local newspapers of stripped White girls running from the mob and trying to cover their nakedness with their hands while the Blacks leered at them and made obscene gestures. But these Mississippi newspapers, just like those in New York, carefully avoided describing what happened in racial terms.”


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  7. 5 Responses to “Black Is Good; White Is Bad”

    1. Sergey Says:

      Monkeys MUST be in a cage!!!

    2. I.C. Dindus Says:

      For more fun, Third World follies from Dindu Nation, please visit and subscribe to Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel:


      Dindus: Proving once again that race is more than just “skin color.” Wayyyy more.

    3. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Might want to wake up from the Judeo-PC DELUSION, Whitey. These people quite clearly want you dead:

      Symone Sanders: “Whites Deserve to be Beaten as Payback.”



      Hate Crimes Escalate Against Whites


      Ask yourself: Is it going to be YOUR wife, son, or daughter next?

    4. archer Says:

      There you have it, the black on white attacks will only escalate until the shoe drops and they start paying a price for their assaults. People who were never slaves beating on people who never owned slaves, pure savagery, condoned by the media and blamed on Trump. We created this problem with multi-generational welfare, millions of feral blacks just ready to kill us.

    5. Sergey Says:

      my ancestors NEVER have monkeys as a slave. why this country, to whom I pay my taxes not protecting me against black racism?