6 November, 2016

Good Quote Re: Globalism

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“But a world without borders is a world without citizens, and a world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship. Rights and liberties exist only in separate and independent nations; they are the exclusive preserve of the nation-state.”


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    1. fd Says:

      A so-called Nation State that collapses into consolidated despotism is worth nothing. The Federals on the Potomac throw-up when they here the words — decentralized government.

    2. Tomas Says:

      Most countries can’t get their shit together. The proles somehow think their situation will improve if some bigger entity runs things. It is an illogical concept. The redistribution of wealth from rich to poor countries might be a temporary bandaid but a “global” state will never sustain itself for long. Global citizenship just means you are a a global piece of dog shit. The only ones that benefit are a few elites who likely end up being heavily Jewish. Even Israel which is highly nationalistic uses America as a whore. America is a mecca for internationalism, thanks to nasty institutions like the UN and IMF. Neoconservatives also use globalist rhetoric to justify using America as a whore.

    3. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      Do you think you are going to get your countries back threw the vote white man ?
      …you think Trump or Hilary the beast will do anything for you ?
      Not only do the suck it ….they actually enjoy sucking JEW cock and they both love to swallow their JEW masters load.

      You have no power unless you are feared…..are they afraid of you white man ? …..NO !
      They have enough evidence to put Hilary and Bill the rapist in prison for life and guess what ? They are not going to prosecute her … and if Trump wins he will do the same.
      You are dealing with the spawn of SATAN white man. The Devil himself.
      ….the goofy election will change nothing.

    4. Luke Says:

      I have been listening to the Fash the Nation podcasts and, while I do enjoy their analysis and general pro-White, alt-right message – those guys have no clue whatsoever about the realities of this corrupt pile of hyena dung that was once a half way decent, 90 plus percent White Western nation.

      They seem to have somehow convinced themselves, based on what evidence I do not know, that if Trump wins the White House – he is going to send his Justice Department after both of the Clintons and also after Obama.

      Listen up, FTN guys. That is not how it works in this country. Elites always give their fellow elites a pass on whatever crimes they might have committed. No matter how much the two opposing parties might appear to hate each other and regardless of how bitter they may seem during the battle for supremacy – they both agree on one thing. Which is, that the winner NEVER goes after the loser.

      I mean, think about it. Trump has been expending a considerable amount of his time lately kissing black asses, trying to persuade them to desert the DemonRats and vote for him. Does anyone think that, if he wins the White House – and hopes to get reelected for a second term in 2020 – that he would sic the law dogs on Obama, the first ‘black’ president, and try to hold him accountable for the criminal deeds he has done while he was in office? That would royally piss off black voters, even if they weren’t particularly happy with Obama themselves – because it would be seen as another example of an evil, racist White man going after one of their black ‘dindonuffin’ brothers.

      Trust me on this. Obama could break any law on the books, and due to the cowardice of White politicians – he would never be held accountable.
      And he knows it.

      I also don’t think a Trump White House would make any serious effort to put the Clinton’s in jail, either. If Trump wins, I suspect he’ll meet with Obama and arrange for Obama to give the Clinton’s a pardon before he leaves office, which will relieve the pressure on Trump to deal with them as President. This will give Trump and his fan club something to whine about for a few months, and then it’ll blow over and there will be other issues that will grab the attention of the sheeple and the evil witch will be forgotten.

    5. J├╝rgen Says:



      Did it ever take a long time….. Now for the hard work
      of throwing out big jew AND his evil….