12 November, 2016

Leftists – the Most Intolerant People on Earth – Are Trying to Reverse the Election

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Liberals always say that they’re socially and politically “tolerant.” But yet, their actions show that they’re very intolerant.

Anyway, nice try, liberals, because, for one thing, Hillary already accepted the election results. Quoting Hillary Clinton’s concession speech: “Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” You can’t “un-concede” once you accept election results! Also, Congress would have to vote to okay the reversal of the election results – that’s not at all likely.


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  7. 4 Responses to “Leftists – the Most Intolerant People on Earth – Are Trying to Reverse the Election”

    1. Luke Says:

      How’s your health doing, Alex? Hope it is improving. With all that’s been going on this year, and with the reprieve we got on November 8th – it would be great to hear you doing a few radio interviews to give us your take on where you think we might be heading.

      I get sick and tired of hearing Limbaugh blathering on and on about the same old, tired and boring establishment GOP bullshit. While the guy has been tiptoeing closer to the race issue – he still cucks out and can’t bring himself to give up on the jew lie of egalitarianism.

      We all miss those old Free Talk Live and Goyfire broadcasts from the old days. Why not do a reunion podcast or two?

      Those shows were better than Fash the Nation or just about any other pro-White radio show on the web these days.

    2. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      …This is why voting in an election means nothing in any white nation today. How can you vote your way out of this mess when your country has millions of non-white parasites, self-hating cucked whites and JEWS … and they all get to vote against your interest.
      Red pilled whites are being held as a permeant hostage that can never escape. You will be worked and tormented to death as you watch your women being raped and your once beautiful countries destroyed.
      …..It would have been better if Trump had of raised an army of pissed off whites and shot his way into power by an armed revolution. Then the victory would be decisive and total. Then you could shoot the traitors, destroy the JEW forever and expel all non whites. (except the American Indian tribes who by the way would probably help the white man win)
      …the situation in white countries is desperate. Only an armed revolution… a complete over throw of the entrenched elites will save America.
      After that everything will be easy .
      (just to remind people …I am not calling for white people to go out and do mindless violence hurting innocent people. ..No the armed revolution will be forced on us. When all bets are off whites will form up into some type of military and fight and win.) Do not do anything stupid. Again the armed revolution will be forced on us.
      ..Then when we win we can take an extra ruthless cold hearted revenge that will make the world tremble in fear.

      Patriot White man-White women.
      In the end WE WIN ! Then revenge !

    3. Socrates Says:

      Luke Says: “How’s your health doing, Alex?”

      You will have to ask Alex. I’m not Alex.

    4. mary o Says:

      Saw the demonstrations in NYC Sat 11/12/16: one group of less than 100 protesters was in front of Trump Tower at about 7:20 pm, and another small group of about 60 protesters was in Union Square at about 8:30 pm.

      The Union Square group was mostly focused on homosexual issues.

      Antiwar demonstrations with hundreds of protesters usually do not even get mentioned in the local NYC news; but the media is acting as though these tiny anti-Trump groups are significant.

      Some young men in a car were yelling anti-Hillary obscenities at some girl protesters on Park Ave; which seemed to scare them.

      Also, some of the live-cameras on YouTube are showing just normal Union Square crowds as a supposed “protest.”