23 November, 2016

Our Task

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The Reuters article from which I have been quoting points out that in March of this year the Border Patrol arrested 31,015 illegal aliens in the town of Douglas, which itself has a population of just 15,000 citizens. That’s amazing, isn’t it? In a one-month period this year, the Border Patrol arrested more than 31,000 illegal aliens in an American town with a normal population of only 15,000 citizens, and I’ll bet this broadcast is the first you’ve heard of it. I mean, the news was in the May 10 Reuters report I’ve been reading to you, but somehow the major media overlooked it. Imagine yourself living in an American town of 15,000 which is so overrun with illegal aliens that the Border Patrol can arrest 31,000 of them in a month without even trying. What a nightmare!”


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