24 November, 2016

The Real Violent People

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The political Left frequently portrays right-wingers as violent, jackbooted thugs who go around committing “hate crimes.” How ironic, then, that most political violence in the world is committed by leftists. In fact, left-wing violence is surprisingly brutal (for example, consider the Marxist group called FARC in Colombia, which often burns people alive).


  • 2 Responses to “The Real Violent People”

    1. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      Don’t worry white man. ….between Trump and all those so called right wing parties in Europe our once great white nations will be restored.
      ..Because we can just vote our way our of white genocide. Right ? Wrong !
      Trump only has 4 years to make America great again. His last two years he will be on the campaign trail trying to get elected again. So really he has 2 years to make a big change.
      …America used to be such a beautiful country full of highly productive white people who came from Europe. White Americans became a new white racial hybrid. It was a smashing success because the blood that was used to make this new white people was just that…WHITE.
      The same for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia.
      ….Now we sit and watch as our once great nations and blood lines are being genetically mutilated. MURDERED …!
      You cannot make a first world nation with 3rd world DNA nor Asian DNA.
      (Japan is a 1st world nation because it copied the white man.)
      Who keeps the traitors and JEW safe at night? (answer) – The police and to some extent the military.
      Most cops and soldiers make shitty money, pay high taxes and can see with their own eyes as their country is over run with non-white savages and Asian parasites……..A lot of them know what is going on.
      The secret to our freedom is to offer the patriots in the police a much, much, better deal then they get from ZOG.
      ..Once this deal is agreed upon then our police and military will step aside and let us slaughter the enemies of our race. Especially the self-hating white traitors.
      Hey police and military….how much do you want ? ….what could we give you that would make it worth while for you to step aside ?
      …You will get a much better deal from us controlling the country and money then you will ever get from the traitors and freaks you work for now !
      LETS MAKE A DEAL …..
      Happy Thanks Giving White America

    2. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      I posted the above once in two different places just so people can understand the real situation white people are in.

      …We do not have much time nor do we have very much DNA to work with to turn our desperate situation around.

      Waffen SS : 1939-1945