3 November, 2016

Which Way, Western Man?

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There’s a good book with that same title, by the way. Anyway, Western man is at a crossroads: will his lands (the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark) remain Western (i.e., White), or will they become Brown, corrupt cesspools like Brazil, due to immigration? Western man may not be Western much longer. If your White country turns 55% Brown/Black, your country is no longer Western. In fact, many cities in America are no longer Western, e.g., New York City and Los Angeles. So this next presidential election is possibly the most important since the USA was founded [1]. Some people have estimated that by 2035 White people, due to racial demographics, will no longer be able to elect White presidents. So the “window of opportunity” to halt the flood of Brown people into America is closing quickly. Donald Trump is the only White politician in recent history to seriously address America’s immigration problem.

[1] granted, the 1940 election was also critical, since it determined whether America would be involved in WWII or not, but that seems perhaps less important than America’s racial future, because America is the biggest, freest, and most powerful Western country. (In 1940, F.D. Roosevelt “promised there would be no involvement in foreign wars if he were re-elected.” In other words, FDR lied through his teeth, just like all leftists do)

  • 3 Responses to “Which Way, Western Man?”

    1. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      The first thing Trump will do when he is elected is get down on his hands and knees and SUCK JEW COCK !
      …Trump will not even mention the word white anything. He will appeal to black interest, faggot interest, Asian interest, brown interest and JEWS directly….but when it come to directly appealing to white peoples interest ?……………. …No fucking way. !!
      ..Sorry but Trump is going to do jack shit for America. Another JEW loving cunt is what he is.
      His own son and daughter suck JEWISH cock and so will he as he has been doing for decades. ..His son just said that David Duke deserves a bullet to the head. WTF.
      …This is the same cunt who is married to a JEW and likes to hunt and kill exotic beautiful defenseless animals for sport. Trophy hunting is sick and perverted. Hunting for some meat to feed your family is not.
      …Eric Trump the JEW loving cunt just like his father.

      Listen up ! …”America is gone and it is not coming back”. A new America without JEWS and non-whites needs to rise from the ashes .

      Donald the JEW lover will be a huge disappointment for white nationalist.
      Maybe this is a good thing…because when Trump turns out to be just another self serving hyper rich JEW loving cunt then maybe whites will rebel. Voting in elections at this stage means absolutely nothing !

    2. T. Coner Says:

      Very well said and I agree 110%.

    3. Klassikality Says:

      I agree totally as well! To be honest I was very surprised to wake up to learn Trump won this morning. And yes, I felt a tinge of happiness, partly a throwback to my misguided “con-servative” days but also my delight in seeing that bitch lose and the tears of her “celebrity” fans as they sobbed on twitter about how evil racist sexist etc the USA is.
      However, Honkey Tonk Man has given a good cold hard reality check with his comment, and he is spot on. Trump will go to DC and do what pretty much all the presidents have done for the last century or so, bow down to the jew controllers and take orders.

      I’m sorry to say that more than a few White Nationalists will take this election-farce result as some kind of “victory” and a sign that things are getting better. Very dangerous to get lost in that illusion.

      After inauguration day in January, “business as usual” will commence!