27 November, 2016

“Why I Left White Nationalism”

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Are you White? Then you can’t “leave” White nationalism any more than a fish can leave the ocean or a bird can leave the air. White nationalism is your destiny, White man, whether you like it or not. If you’re White, you must think racially or else watch the White race disappear. Those are your choices. Look at New York: it was once a White city; same with Detroit; same with London; same with Paris and Berlin. You can see where “multiculturalism” leads to: it leads to White genocide. When the multicultural shit-storm finally comes, watch all the “anti-racist” Whites suddenly find the inner “racism” that’s been there all along, ready to help them survive.


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  7. 9 Responses to ““Why I Left White Nationalism””

    1. fd Says:

      So I just read another boring essay, autobiography, racial resume, whatever. The sad-sack text is a little too feminine for me.

      Racism is a law of nature. And the eternal laws of nature care nothing of the plastic world of politics. Like survival of the fittest, racism is uncomplicated and fierce.

    2. JimB Says:

      Just read the article. To put my conclusion about it in as few words as I can: it’s depressing. Depressing that someone can start out in life with good, solid guidance… and choose to reject that guidance, embracing idiocy instead. Mr. Black has mentally devolved to put it mildly.

    3. J├╝rgen Says:


      There is no way to be “unconverted” from plain truth.

      In other words, once you know there is an ocean to the
      east of Virginia, there is no “undoing” that plain, simple fact.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      I see the problem here . Mr. Black is now in COLLEGE!
      With enough “exposure” to liberal commie fuzzy wuzzy
      Multi Cult Ideals .
      This pussy has betrayed everything he was raised to value.
      I heard about this but didn’t know if it was true.
      Wonder how his dad feels about the little bastards Betrayal?
      Bet he wasn’t invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Black House.
      Being a student of the Middle Ages he might want to note the struggle
      that various White nations had to fight for survival against a largely
      Brown and Black tide of Islam . White Christians stopped the loss of White
      Civilization at Tours France and Constantinople.
      The Crusades now pictured by the left as an aggression were a defensive
      Measure Spiritually and militarily against aggressive Islam.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      This Sellout probably gots a colored girlfriend or
      He was taken under the wing of a Commie professor as a “special case”
      to be dealt with.
      Poor misguided racist! He must see the error of his ways !
      He must come into the multicultural rainbow fuzz machine where we
      all Kumbiya in our “common humanity”. BARF!!

      Complete and utter Bullshit.
      Guess this guy no matter how well written he is ain’t The Leader
      we thought he was.

      Next Great White Hope on the Right!!
      By the way I keep asserting to the libs I have the misfortune to know
      that man is a tribal being who will revert to race and tribe in the right
      Circumstances. They never agree but they shut up when I tell them to walk their
      White Happy Ass through the Hood at night.
      When I point out whitey ain’t welcome there they have the gumption to say crime isn’t
      Race related.
      Yeah right.
      Problem is these Commies and Libtards won’t see the error of their ways
      Until the Sub-human Wolves Cannibals and Goblins are right on their damn
      Doorstep. I told one he was so brainwashed he won’t see the Tribal/Racial Light
      Until he’s thrown in the stewpot. They will have no mercy on us and the Good News
      For the Folk is that Many Traitors like Derek Black or others who were Never with us
      Will die the Traitors deaths they deserve at the hands of the fuzzy wuzzy vipers they
      Rejected us to Embrace.
      I can hear Nelson Munse from the Simpsons laughing now! HA! HA!

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      After examining the Intro paragraph by Socrates further I really want to
      A: Congratulate Socrates on a SUPERB INTRODUCTION and point out something
      I saw in it that I’ve thought for quite awhile .
      ALSO B:

      LIKE IT OR NOT.”
      THE 12 WORDS
      Stuff like that is GREAT!!
      Makes me sorry I floated away awhile but glad I came back!
      At the end of both of those then add; THOSE ARE YOUR CHOICES!


      Cannot be spread far and wide enough among Our Folk!!

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      They also encapsulated what I’ve felt myself for along time! But never quite
      Captured in it that perfect POWERFUL. sentence!!
      That was Brilliant Socrates !
      But I’ve already thrown out a couple Seigs and THE RED SKULL does praise often !!
      Good going guys!! Keep up the good work of inspiring the
      Out here in flyover land!!

    8. I.C. Dindus Says:

      The universities are breeding grounds of Marxism. Totally useless as educational institutions, unless one is going into some practical scientific field.

      Liberal arts degrees are, essentially, Red toilet paper. The professors should be given shovels and made to dig trenches and latrines; THEN they might be useful to society.

      I have a liberal arts degree from a state university in the Midwest. It was here fifteen years ago that I first started to shake the conditioning of the Marxist cult that has death-gripped Western society. Oddly enough, the impetus for this was reading articles about interracial crime and rape on (((Frontpage Mag))), a neocon rag.

      As for Derek Black, I have no comment except that he should really, really know better.

    9. I.C. Dindus Says:

      “So I just read another boring essay, autobiography, racial resume, whatever. The sad-sack text is a little too feminine for me.
      Racism is a law of nature. And the eternal laws of nature care nothing of the plastic world of politics. Like survival of the fittest, racism is uncomplicated and fierce.”–fd

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.