16 December, 2016

Arizona Sheriff Proves That Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is Bogus

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The Mainstream Media could have played this birth certificate evidence matter two different ways:

1. It could have given Sheriff Arpaio and his men the benefit of the doubt (after all, they are professional investigators) and said the general equivalent of “okay, we’ll look into their ‘9 points of forgery’ claims before we make a rush to judgement.”

2. Or, the Mainstream Media could have said the general equivalent of “Oh, no, the Birthers are at it again! More tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about Obama!”

Guess which option the Mainstream Media chose? But hopefully, the newly appointed U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will take the matter much more seriously, because there really is a lot at stake. For one thing, if Obama wasn’t born in America, then he would not be eligible to serve as president, and therefore his Supreme Court appointments could be reversed, as could all of the laws and Executive Orders that he signed during the past 8 years. Plus, America’s “first Black president” would be thoroughly discredited as a forger and a fraud.


Watch the Arpaio/Zullo video online: Here.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Arizona Sheriff Proves That Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is Bogus”

    1. Tina Carter Says:

      I think this horse has been beaten to death and let’s just make a glue out of it..

      Shall we?

    2. Joe Says:

      Actually, Tina… this horse was never “beaten”… but simply ignored into oblivion. For those who believe in Constitutional Law, it IS a big deal. The fact that they spent so many millions hiding the birth certificate is all the proof I need to show Obongo is an alien. If he were legit, they would have shown it forthwith. It’s the same way you knew O.J. Simpson was guilty – he ran away.

    3. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      This nigger is the son of race mixing nigger communist Frank Marshall Davis. They have to pay back the 12 trillion dollars that the nigger has spent. Each liberal male, jew and nigger has to be stripped of their wealth, and sold as slaves or worked to death until the debt is paid.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      Joe it doesn’t make bit of a difference. We have Republican President before him with room temperature IQ, and what did he do?

      President Bush 2.0 brought more “immigrants” into Iowa than entire Obama administration combine.

      From 1990 – 2000 Iowa was 96% white, and under Bush (2000 – 2008) it went down to 90%! Although they don’t count illegal immigrant — which means it’s probably around 85% as of 2010.


      As I said before, and many nationalist have said as well. When it comes to politics it’s tale we lose, and head they win.