10 December, 2016

Interview: VNN Founder Alex Linder

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“Good points are that these men (National Socialists) had the balls to say and do the necessary. This I think is less due to NS than German culture generally. They are more serious than we in Anglo lands, and less driven/distracted by personality than we are. Everything in Anglo lands is glad-handing, lying and appearances. Reality, substance, takes a back seat. True English actually pride themselves on their historically notable treachery. In my view, NS is nothing occult or christian, but the application of German seriousness to politics. Just as they might apply their ‘way’ to mechanical engineering and come up with Mercedes, they applied their brains to politics, determined what the jews were doing, and found a way to counter it. This is the valuable part of NS. Countering the Weimar sex-scum; the people who produced communism; who created the Frankfurt school. Who destabilized the country by perverting the money system – that latter, and their response to it is extremely important.”


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