1 December, 2016

White Middle Class? What White Middle Class? Or, the Government’s War on White People

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Seen on the TV: a mention of America’s White “middle class” which hardly exists anymore. There are only two classes of Whites now: “too rich” and “living from paycheck-to-paycheck and trying to stay afloat via both husband and wife working.” Thanks to job outsourcing, free trade, higher-than-necessary taxation, various small-business burdens [1], Affirmative Action, and a few other things, the White middle class has almost disappeared (one result of that is higher divorce rates caused by financial tensions within families).

[1] your average small-business owner must obtain many expensive government permits in order to open his business (e.g., state and local business permits, zoning permits, sign permits, environmental permits, and, mandatory unemployment insurance for employees, etc.), hence the reason half of all small businesses fail within the first 6 months. A normal start-up cost for a small business is from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on the type of business. This means brick-and-mortar businesses, not internet-based businesses

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  7. One Response to “White Middle Class? What White Middle Class? Or, the Government’s War on White People”

    1. fd Says:

      The complaints above are a direct result of Federal tyranny. Heavy taxes and anti-race laws that force amalgamation on the people has led to the ruination of White society. Free trade doesn’t bother me. Heavy tariffs will fence the consumer in. With no outside competition, everybody will be forced to pay 3 prices for products that oftentimes are inferior to what our cousins in Europe send over.

      Devil’s advocate: I’ve always been suspect of the Daily Stormer. It seems to be a hard-case Republican outfit. The website states that it’s “America’s #1 Most Trusted Republican News Source.” Status Quo / The Establishment. Completely destitute of novelty. Same old s**t. Most racists understand the government on the Potomac is not our government. We have to escape it. Under central despotism, our states exist in name only.