7 December, 2016

Why Society Is Nuts

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And if you want to study literature, more and more of our schools are phasing out the real literature of our people and phasing in the Freudian, angst-laden trash novels written by Jews or homosexuals, and they’re beating the bushes for resentment-filled feminist diatribes or pretentious, anti-White stuff written by various Third Worlders. All of it’s pretty depressing fare for any normal White person. And the impression it leaves on impressionable young people is that writing significant literature is pretty easy work: all you have to do is have a glib tongue and learn the fashionable clich├ęs.

On top of this general dumbing down of our schools is the almost total loss of academic freedom. When I was a professor, the academic freedom issue was about the right of Marxists, homosexuals, and other marginal types to introduce their biases into the courses they taught. A lot of traditional-minded professors thought that such biases had no place on a university campus, but the liberals — especially the Jewish liberals — supported the claims of the Marxists, the homosexuals, and so on, to teach whatever they wanted to teach.”


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      What are you talking about, Jeremy? Be specific. Does Alex know about this?

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