11 January, 2017

Lies and Consequences

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Perhaps you will remember that in my broadcast three weeks ago, just as NATO troops were beginning to enter Serbia and the Serbian army was leaving Kosovo province, I predicted this. I told you, and I quote: “It’s clear that a lot of Serbs are going to get their throats cut during the next few days, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the controlled news media in the United States will not be showing you any heart-rending views of the victims, and Madeleine Albright won’t be making any statements about the need to protect the Serbs from ethnic cleansing by the Albanians.” — end of quote — That’s what I told you in my broadcast of June 12, as the Serbian army was beginning to withdraw from Kosovo.

And you know, that was not a difficult prediction to make. Anyone who has bothered to learn a little about the Balkans could have made the same prediction. The rule in that part of the world is: disturb the status quo, and there will be hell to pay.”


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