29 January, 2017

No, We Are Not a Nation of Immigrants

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(Above: the Jewish radical Emma Lazarus (1849-1887)

“America is a nation of immigrants!” I know you’ve heard that slogan many times, as I have. Don’t be fooled: America was not founded by immigrants, nor was it designed to be “a nation of immigrants.” Out of all of America’s 118 founding fathers, only a handful were foreign-born. And nonetheless, the founding fathers were all White males. This baloney about America being a “nation of immigrants” is just that: baloney. It was the Jewish immigration activist and poet, Emma Lazarus, who popularized the idea that America was intended to be a “nation of immigrants.”

By the way, Jews such as Zuckerberg are not genetically European (which means “White”). Even if they live in European countries, most of the Jews in the world (i.e., 90%, known as the Ashkenazim Jews) are a mixture of Arab/Armenid peoples, meaning “Eastern” via their DNA/genes.


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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Screw Mark Suckerbergheimer!!
      His Damn Tribe
      And his Ugly Bitch Chink wife!!
      Do us all a favor and throw yourself off a tall cliff
      Somewhere Asshat.

    2. Los Tercios Says:

      Some communities of non-white race have always been interested in the racial mix, especially those which still Caucasians do not possess a particular genetic inheritance; see R1b and other halogrupos.

      United States of America is not a nation of immigrants, in all case would be emigrants; European (Western), as it is well known by the people read the Western culture is closely linked to race or ethnicity, that America was re-educated with Western values system since the first Christian European set foot on America; case of Colon.

      So it is important to make this reference because the Vikings did not provide those values to the Amerindians even returned to share the discovery, possibly because they were unaware of what were those lands in N. America.

      Freemasonry knew of esto, then embedded itself in North America, its Government, and avenged policies of founding, hence parents who in the past emigration appeared non-Western people in the s. XIX.

      Freemasonry destroyed also, temporarily, to the Spanish Empire, have the test with Bolivar, mason, who wiped out hundreds of thousands of Europeans in South America and Central America, also as revenge of the aid offered by Spain to the independence of United States of America, as well as cause of the French Revolution; and destroy France from within (formerly with the Paris Commune, there were two communes, we refer to the second friend Marx applauded and copied to Russia).

      That is the great historical and mortal enemy of Westerners: the masonry.

      They entertain us with banal things, with inventions of left and right, with internal confrontations, etc., and all of these tools have been created to wipe out Western culture.

      The Zionists used the term immigrant, intentionally, to prevent the from: emigrant.

      Because as you know it is not the same emigrant to: immigrant.

      In fact the Jews are immigrants in all land of Western culture, so history tells us.

      Another thing is what some politicians (Masons) try desperately to with billions of euros or dollars imposed throughout the West, however do not want to impose it on other areas such as Africa and Asia, only and exclusively in the West.

      So, it shouldn’t be, but it is.

      As true as that God is racist, created races and them gave a place to everyone, i.e.; true diversity.

    3. TJ Says:

      Alex you Christ hating turd. Andrew Anglin got 1000x times further than you in 2 years.

    4. TJ Says:

      Socrates: word to the wise; dump Alex and write fir dailystormer.com

    5. Socrates Says:

      TJ Says: “Alex you Christ hating turd. Andrew Anglin got 1000x times further than you in 2 years.”

      Turd??? Wow. VNN isn’t a Christian website. Christianity is actually a Jewish creation (i.e., the Old Testament was written by Jews). If you want Christian stuff, go to Stormfront.

    6. fd Says:

      Anglin’s website is all over the road. It promotes the republican party which is Jewish Democratic Capitalism — it promotes Christianity — it promotes A.H. That’s what you call vertigo. The purpose of his website is to obtain the racist vote for republicans. The website is a republican plant.

    7. Emily Henderson Says:

      The Solutrean hypothesis (the claim that people from Europe settled North America long before so-called ‘indigenous people) really freaks out the ‘we are a nation of immigrants’ crowd.

      I remember when I was around 11 years old, I read somewhere that the ‘Indians’ were ‘nice’ to the new Whiteys because they had cave paintings of red and blonde haired ‘gods’ and they thought these were their ‘gods’ returning to them. I thought at the time this was weird, but in light of the Solutreans, makes sense. These may have been paintings of, by, and about the Solutreans.

      At any rate, the fact that people are ooking and eeking about keeping people out of the US with potential ties to baby killing terrorists is unreal, holding signs saying they are ‘welcome here.’ No, before we know who you are, just anyone should not be ‘welcome’, same as the front door of your house. Even people who aren’t racially aware should be less stupid than this. Or you would hope.

    8. Venezuelan guy Says:

      @Los Tercios

      Yes! simon bolivar was a mason and a traitor piece of ****

      DIOS, PATRIA, REY. :)