9 January, 2017

Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees, or, the Insanity of American Zionism

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What is the U.S. military doing in the Strait of Hormuz, or, even worse, firing “warning shots” there at Iran? Look on a map: the Strait of Hormuz is in Iranian territory. That would be similar to the Iranian military going into the Gulf of Mexico near Texas and firing warning shots at American boats. Do you think America would tolerate that? Betcha not! In fact, I double-betcha-not!


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  7. 3 Responses to “Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees, or, the Insanity of American Zionism”

    1. Mark Says:

      Oy vey, you fail to recognize American exceptionalism!

    2. fd Says:

      Even hard case federalist Alexander Hamilton would be appalled. He wrote: A government that makes war and carnage its only means of supporting itself is one of the maddest projects ever advised. A government that can exist only by the sword.”

    3. Palimpalam Says:


      Are maneuvers.

      The material, you know, is obsolete, and there is to be renewed.

      Arrrgh, I believe that I have been given.. !